Values Training

If your corporate values are truly understood and infused by everyone in your company, they will grow the corporate culture you need for today’s changing business environment. There are 6 Jambar key steps to get there.

Remember The Values

Easily remember all your values, every time. Using proven NLP techniques your team will never forget the values again.

Discuss The Values

Words have different meanings from person to person based on our experiences. How can we align ourselves together?

Live The Values

When it’s all said and done, living the values becomes the natural way your team behaves and makes decisions while at work.

Practice The Values

Solving real life dilemmas based on the values locks in conscious understanding on how to use the values.

Act On The Values

What will you do differently back at work? Now that our understanding of the values is clearer we can work in new and better ways.

Link The Values

Linking the values with behaviour that you see in the company everyday help to make them more understandable.

Our Program

Our half day or 1 day program is divided into sessions. By combining short and dynamic sessions we keep the participants engaged and the learning points clear.

We know that not everyone arrives excited to be at another training program. We say ‘That’s ok!’ – and what if, since you are here, we start to relax, have some fun and enjoy ourselves today.

This fresh way to start an important training program recognises peoples different emotional states and guides them to a more resourceful one. This is achieved through the Jambar ‘pre-frame’.

Before we can appreciate the importance of corporate values, we look at some of our own values and how they guide our every single decision. We use mini dilemmas here to show how we listen to our personal values.

Mini-Dilemma – “Is it okay to take a free sample of something, even though you know you won’t buy it?”…

That’s right! Whether you answered yes or no your brain just completed a microsecond internal search of your values which guided you to your answer.

Have you ever been to a meeting where it is critical to gather everyone’s thoughts, perspectives and opinions only to be met by silence? Finally, one brave sole speaks up and everyone else just agrees! Amazing how your team is so in sync, isn’t it? If only that was really true…

The next 30 minutes brings the biggest ROI of the day. We demonstrate how to easily, effortlessly and eagerly share your opinions and perspectives with the group with no fear or feeling of embarassement.

Simple and true. You can’t live your corporate values if you can’t remember them! No more shall that pesky final value escape your mind. You know the one, it’s not Integrity, Trust, Innovation, Teamwork….it’s that last one, I think it starts with an E, or maybe a C…

Using Simple Techniques from NLP. Every. Single. Person. will from now on always remember all the values. Every. Single. Last. One.

Values are high level generalisations. ‘Be Happy’, ‘Have Integrity’, ‘Help Others’, but what does having integrity actually look like at the office? What are some behaviours that directly show the values in action.

Using some fun technology and Emojis we start to ‘degeneralise’ or ‘specify’ every day behaviours that demonstrate the values to make them more relatable.

We now look at all our values and get a group wide understanding of where we are now by asking specific questions of certain values and collecting the group data.

This is the program’s big data session where we uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights and analyse them as a group. Which values are misunderstood? Most important? Most rewarded?

Session 7 can be thought of as putting all the fun and learning from the rest of the day into action. Here the group explores real corporate dilemmas from your company, designed together with Jambar before the event.

Everyone now is consciously using the values to help guide them to the solution in a values driven structured manner.

It’s time to take the team forward, looking to the future and how what they have learnt can immediately start making an impression on what they do and how they do it.

As well as self reflection we ask each team member to note down an action that they will start, stop and continue doing going forward.

Why large & small companies choose us?

James and Barbara facilitate the values program. Both are Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming. They know how connect with your team and encourage active participation.

Highly Experienced

Completed many successful programs.

Real Results

Our post event feedback proves participants take away real results.

Great Facilitators

Highly qualified and approachable facilitators.