Keynote Talks & Speaking

The Right Speaker Is The Difference

There is nothing more powerful than watching your words change the very way in which someone is thinking. That moment when you connect with them at a level no one else has, at a level at which fundamental change is occurring, at a level that lets them see the world in a new light.

There are 2 key points and we believe are critical to any talk, expect knowledge of the message and, more critically the ability to transfer the message.

Talk to any expert in their field and you can hear they know what they are talking about, however it is the skill to bring that knowledge to an audience that determines how much they walk away with and whether they use it.

Is a speaker appropriate for my event?

Whether a multi-day conference or a personal team offsite bringing along an external speaker has a lot of upside.

At Jambar Training we have several specialised topics that specifically fit between 15 minutes TED Talk style to longer 1 hour discover, discussion & develop talks.

Captivate an Audience

Whether we know it or not, every time we speak, on a subconscious level, people are deciding whether to listen to us or not, pay attention or walk away, focus or day dream. There are literally 100’s of details that go into grabbing peoples attention, but there are also 3-5 key things that if you get them right get you 80% of the way there.

Bring Out Your Hidden Extrovert

In order to create connection with others, at times you need to be flexible in how you communicate in order to get the job done effectively. This often seems especially tricky if you are naturally a more cautious, quiet and prefer to sit back and let others take the lead. This talk is not about permanently changing your style, but about how to adapt in specific circumstances.

Giving Values Meaning

You form your personal values from a young age. This means you have a sense of what’s right, what’s wrong and which rules to bend, without considering why you feel like that. Taking a moment to consciously consider what really matters to you helps you make better, more informed, conscious decisions and not simply going with the flow.

People Don’t Talk Anymore

Have you ever worried about having a conversation and it went worse or better than expected? Do you prefer to send emails as it avoids face to face commutation? Does you team have the habit of emailing when they are sitting across the room from each other? Recent studies show that 64% of people misinterpret the intent of an email and that teams that spend time together outside the office are more effective. So what can you do?

Everybody Can Be A Leader

Every interaction you take influences others, either helping them becoming a better version of themselves or not, a better team or not, a better company or not. Influence is a key part of leadership, this means that you already informally lead. With that thought embedded, don’t lead by chance, lead by design.

What If Change Was Exciting

There are moments in our lives when we are impatiently and passionately waiting for change to occur, starting a new relationship, awaiting the birth of your child, flying to a new country for a holiday. These are all significant changes in our lives that most of us are excited to be a part. So what ‘changes’ when we move into the corporate world, why do we need ‘change management’ why do many people feel resistance to change, is change really the issue?