Profiling Tools

Why Personality/Behavioural Profiling are important?

There are so many benefits that emerge from participating in a Personality Profiling Training, such as MBTI, DiSC and Belbin, the most important are:

-> Better understanding of yourself, your strengths, your weak points and how to manage those at your advantage.

-> Better understanding of other people personalities with the result of being better able to anticipate their behaviours and avoid conflicts.

-> Better communication: “people like people that are like themselves”, once you learn how to speak the same language of your counterpart, you are also better able to connect and establish a successful relationship.

-> Better leadership: one of the many qualities that a leader must have is empathy. A Personality Profiling Training can help leaders to better understand their employees and discover what “makes them click”.

-> Better teamwork: when we conduct our Personality Profiling sessions we also look at your team dynamic; what are the strengths that every employee brings to the table and how the diversity of a team may contribute to successful results.

These are only some of the reasons why about 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on these types of assessments to build stronger, more effective teams and healthier organizations.

Our Programs

DiSC Profiling does more than providing insights into a person’s behaviour and character. The profiles were created with the workplace relationships in mind and offer strategies for working with, leading, managing, or selling to others.

The test instrument and the profile results are designed so that it’s easy to understand and recall your behavioural style and insights. The writing is engaging and the visuals are memorable. It is easy to understand your profile from a trained professional.

With the help of our professional facilitator, the participants will be able to discover their own and other people behaviour characteristics and use their skills to improve relationship and communication among each other and other people they interact with.

With DISC you not only improve the team skills and work environment but you bring the business to new better level.

After many years of research into team behaviour and performance in the workplace, Belbin identified nine key types of behaviour. We call these the nine Team Roles. Each successful team had one of each of the nine Team Role behaviours present. This does not mean that each team needs to have nine people in it, since individuals can perform more than one Team Role.

Belbin personalised behavioural reports for both individuals and teams identify which combination of the nine Team Roles individuals prefer to adopt, and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

During the workshop participants will be engaged in discussions and exercises to demonstrate how the Belbin team diagnostics can be used to bring about immediate and enduring improvements in the performance of teams.

The Myers-Briggs® assessment traces the patterns in your behaviour to one of 16 distinct personality types. It gives you a framework for understanding yourself and appreciating the differences in others.

Strengths, tendencies, perspective, decision-making style, communication style…

These are all components of your nature: who you are. And when you really know yourself, possibilities open—in your job, your relationships, your life. With MBTI insights you don’t just understand and appreciate yourself better; you understand and appreciate others better as well.

When you take the assessment and go through the detailed description of your personality type preferences, you’ll probably feel energized and challenged at the same time. You’ll certainly see yourself—your strengths and difficulties, how you think and feel and communicate, how you relate to others and they relate to you, how to move ahead with your life—in a new light.