NLP for Leadership

Why NLP for Leaders?

More and more business leaders recognise nowadays the added value that NLP brings to a variety of business activities; they also value NLP for their own professional & personal development. Leaders, Managers and Business Owners often seek new development opportunities that help them or their teams become more effective communicators, coaches, mentors, time managers, managers of change and people developers.

What they all have in common here, is their desire to better understand and support their teams to develop and to help them be the best they can be (aren’t we all on the look out for ways to get better results, more easily or effectively).

NLP can make a real difference in many key areas of leadership such as:

-> Communicating skilfully with peers and with senior management. Establish Rapport with anyone (Rapport being the basis of all communication). Listen deeply. Present using clear powerful language and a format or structure that will appeal to everyone in your audience.

-> Help Leaders gain clarity over what they want – vital for providing clear and strong direction

-> Understand the systemic nature of communication with and within teams – including the subtle dynamics of non-verbal influence

-> Gain new insights into situations and relationships using ‘Perceptual Positions’ (an NLP tool used to also resolve conflict and generate new ideas or perspectives)

-> Understand oneself, learn to manage your own emotions and have increased self-awareness

-> Model the successful behaviours of others so they can be replicated

-> Understand the role of beliefs and values in what makes people tick

-> Know how to utilise values to tailor the motivational approach to suit each individual

-> Setting compelling goals and inspiring people by ‘selling’ them the team or organisational vision and getting their ‘buy in’ to this vision

-> Acquire the attitudes and beliefs that underpin confident leadership

-> Influence the working environment so that it helps people to be constructive and productive

Ultimately, you’ll discover the many applications of NLP and it will become a lifestyle, not only a business development technique.

Share with us your requirements and let us know what your ambitions are, we’ll be happy to show you how we can easily design a leadership program for you to help you reach your goals effectively and effortlessly. You can contact us here.


You will learn and practice NLP techniques for leadership. You will discover the specific areas in your life you would like to have more confidence.

Is this workshop for you?

This short and effective NLP training is for anyone who would like to understand how to recall and transfer confidence when you need it. Whether you are a manager, an executive, just starting out in your career or more advanced.


Key Note Speech, 4mat system – why, what, how and what else. Practice NLP exercises, working in pairs and groups, participate in discussions.