How good facilitation can supercharge your conference?

‘Ok’ Is Not Good Enough Anymore!

Take your conference to the next level with professional front and back end facilitation support. Whether you have a 1-day offsite or a multi day conference, professional support offers you several unexpected benefits and much more peace of mind.

We Know There Is A Lot To Arrange

Whatever the size and timeframe of your conference, there are 3 key truths. One – There is something important to deliver. Two – You are dedicating time, effort and money to arrange the delivery of that message. Three – Other people within your company are giving their time (willingly or otherwise) to be there. Within those 3 simple truths is a bucket load of work. We offer professional support in all 3 areas, pre-conference support, at the conference and post conference followup.

James Facilitation

Pre – Conference Support

This is where it all starts. We know that you may or may not have put a conference together before, but it all starts here.

Deep Dive into the structure of the whole program. This includes adjusting the ratio of presentations to case study to discussions to activities, allowing participants to stay alert, awake, attentive and ensure more of the message is retained.

Discuss the use of targeted hands-on activities to keep the delegates attention and drive home important messages.

1 key message – 30 minutes or less. It’s simple in theory and we help give feedback to each of the speakers on the goal, structure and timing of their talk.

Some of your most important topics can fall flat if they are not delivered well. We give personalised feedback to the presenters to ensure their message will be well received.

At the Conference

Setting the ground rules of what is expected from both the participants AND the speakers. This frame ensures everyone is able to show the proper behaviour throughout.

Kick of the conference with your strong why. Why is everybody here and why is it relevant to them. This why is delivered through appropriate storytelling, anecdotes and metaphors to connect participants to the conference.

Keep to the schedule, anyone who has been to conferences before, knows the frustration when the schedule slips. Having an strong impartial facilitator keeps things on track.

Use our skill set, from soft skills to courageous conversations to managing tough Q&A sessions. This is after all, what we do 🙂

After Your Successful Conference

Detailed Event Session & Timing Analysis. How effective was the overall schedule? Which speakers ran out of time and could benefit from more time in the next conference, which sessions were really well received and which need some adjustment.

Post conference debriefing session. What was great and what need further improvement. By taking notes throughout the conference we are able to provide you with a good amount of post conference feedback.

Post event participant feedback. We can gather critical data on how well the event was perceived by the delegates so you can continue to improve your conferences.

If video is taken of the speakers, we can provide presentation feedback to help them be even better next time.