Belbin Team Roles

Belbin Team Roles

After many years of research into team behaviour and performance in the workplace, Belbin identified nine key types of behaviour. We call these the nine Belbin Team Roles. Each successful team had one of each of the nine Team Role behaviours present. This does not mean that each team needs to have nine people in it, since individuals can perform more than one Team Role.

Discover Team Roles

Belbin produce personalised behavioural reports for both individuals and teams. These reports identify which combination of the nine Team Roles individuals prefer to adopt, and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

During the workshop participants will be engaged in discussions and exercises to demonstrate how the Belbin team diagnostics can be used to bring about immediate and enduring improvements in the performance of teams.


We facilitate sessions with teams at all levels, from boards of directors to new recruits.

A workshop will increase peoples’ understanding of themselves and their colleagues, helping to resolve conflict in the work environment and focusing the team on achieving its objectives more effectively.

The purpose of a Team building Workshop is to increase communication and effectiveness within the team or group so that it achieves its objectives. The team will have a common language and a framework to discuss their collective strengths and how best to use them.

Who would benefit from attending a Belbin Workshop?

  • -> An existing team which needs to re-focus for a new challenge or strategy
  • -> A new team which is not yet a cohesive unit
  • -> A team in the aftermath of major change/re-organisation
  • -> A problematic team, where conflicts are getting in the way of effectiveness
  • -> An international project team whose members only meet occasionally
  • -> A high performing team which wants to achieve even greater success

Belbin Reports

Individual Reports

An individual report will identify which combination of the nine Team Roles an individual exhibits, and comes full of personalized direction and advice for that individual and for his or her manager.

Team Reports

A Belbin Team Report will identify how groups of individuals will perform together. In order to generate a Team Report, every member of the team will need to have completed a Belbin Individual Report. Once the Individual Reports have been generated, nothing else is needed – the information from the Individual Reports will be used to generate the Belbin Team Report.

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